gl7 and v17 map to the short arm of chromosome 4
--Stinard, P

The COOP's chromosome 4 linkage stock su1 gl7 v17 bm3 was crossed by TB-4Sa and TB-4Lf in order to place the unmapped mutants gl7 and v17 to chromosome arm. Sand bench plantings of kernels from four separate crosses of su1 gl7 v17 bm3 by TB-4Sa segregated for seedlings that were both virescent and glossy. Since the kernels that were planted for these seedling tests were non-sugary, the mutant seedlings could not have been the result of self-contamination. Therefore we conclude that these two mutants are located on the short arm of chromosome 4. Four-point linkage tests of su1, gl7, v17, and bm3 are in progress.

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