The COOP's rd3 is allelic to ct2
--Stinard, P

The COOP has been maintaining a mutant named rd3 for many years. This reduced plant height mutant conditions shortened internodes and bifurcated ears. This mutant was obtained from Allan Caspar, and first grown by the Maize COOP in 1962. The compact plant mutant ct2 has a similar phenotype, and crosses were made in 1994 between plants homozygous for the two mutants. F1's were grown in the COOP's 1994 winter nursery, and all progeny had the compact plant phenotype, indicating allelism. Subsequent pedigree searches indicated that ct2 also originated from Allan Caspar, so the COOP's rd3 and ct2 alleles may actually be identical. Until this is resolved, it is suggested that these mutants be kept separate, and that the COOP's rd3 be redesignated ct2-rd3. It should be noted that ct2-rd3 is not at all related to the locus more recently named rd3 by Matz et al. (MNL 65:104-105).

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