Pale aleurone-Brawn (Pa*-Brawn) is allelic to in1
--Stinard, P

A dominant pale aleurone mutant designated Pale aleurone-Brawn has been maintained by the COOP for many years. It was obtained from R. Brink and first grown by the COOP in 1959. No allelism tests or mapping had been done with it, so we set up allelism tests with the known aleurone color mutants. Tests with a1, a2, c1, c2, r1, bz1, and bz2 proved to be negative. An allelism test with In1 was set up as follows: Plants homozygous for In1-D and Pa*-Brawn were crossed with each other. The F1's were backcrossed by our M14/W22 hybrid ACR line, which is nonmutant at the In1 locus. All of the progeny kernels (n = 1780) were pale, indicating either very tight linkage of the two loci, or more likely, allelism. The inheritance and expression of Pa*-Brawn are very similar to that of In1-D, so it is conceivable that Pa*-Brawn is simply a reisolation of In1-D from another source. Only a molecular analysis will resolve this question. For now, we are redesignating Pa*-Brawn as In1-Brawn.

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