Clarification on ws1, ws2, and g1
--Stinard, P

Some confusion has arisen concerning the relationship between the mutants ws1, ws2, and g1. This confusion arose because a Coop mutant stock that was labeled genotypically as "ws2" (obtained from Charles Burnham in the early 1950s) turned out to be allelic to g1. This allele was subsequently designated g1-ws2 (Stinard, MNL 69:130-131, 1995). The Coop also has stocks that carry the duplicate factor pair ws1 and ws2. The latter ws2 is different from g1-ws2, and should not be confused with it. The ws2 allele in the ws1 ws2 stocks is the authentic duplicate factor of ws1 and is not at all related to, or a duplicate factor of g1. ws1, ws2, and g1 are three distinct loci.

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