Institute of Genetics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Seeds with two bilaterally situated embryos and endosperms
--Dankov, T; Kruleva, M; Krapchev, B

In connection with the study of heterofertilization during 1995 in the crosses (sweet corn X dent with embryo marker + sweet corn) and (sweet corn X line 502 + sweet corn) out of a total of 5832 kernels, except for some ones with typical heterofertilization, two seeds with independent bilaterally situated embryos without marker and their respective normal endosperms had on one hand dent form but on the other hand sweet corn (as if two kernels of sweet corn and dent form are stuck together). An attempt at seed germination and obtaining progeny was made, but we failed. The germs perished while still in petri dishes.

Our explanation is: probably one of the synergids participated in obtaining the second independent embryo. We don't know what part of the embryo sac participated in the second independent endosperm and what kind of nucleus they had. We suppose that two sperms participated in forming two embyos and endosperms. In the first case, it doesn't show if they are from pollen grains of two different pollen parents, and in the second case--it is indisputable.

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