Increase the percentage of maternal haploids by effect of herbicide basagran
--Dankov, T; Kruleva, M; Dimitrov, B; Krapchev, B

Genetic lines, which as pollen parents increase the percentage of spontaneously obtained haploids in maize with a frequency of 3.24% (Stock 6) are known (Coe, 1959). In 1993 (MNL) we reported a line obtained by us, named later PX-32hh, which induced 13.88% haploid seeds as a pollen parent. Into the line was transferred our original marker "spot on the embryo".

Cut off tassels from PX-32hh were submerged into 0.1% solution of herbicide basagran (bentason + 2,4DP) for 24h as a pollen test of the herbicide effect. Tassels submerged in tap water were used as control. On the next day five ears from line B-73 were pollinated. Only treated tassels increased the percentage of the obtained haploid seeds by 4-5%. After electrophoretic analysis it was established that these seeds were female and it concerned maternal haploidy.

We conclude that an effect on the high haploid line by 0.1% solution of herbicide basagran can increase the percentage of obtained maternal haploid seeds.

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