DNA clones in the public bank and distribution center at the UMC Maize RFLP Lab now total ~ 6700, of which we distribute more than 4900 (Table 1). This includes the large sets of sequenced cDNAs generated by Chris Baysdorfer, California State University - Hayward (designated csu), and by Tim Helentjaris (designated uaz or 5C, 6C, 7C), which represent the largest collection of candidate genes publicly available for maize. Over the last five years the UMC Maize Probe Bank has filled more than 820 requests for more than 24,000 clones to 31 countries, including 87 sets of the UMC Core Marker probes, which have become the standard landmark probe set for mapping genes, phenotypes and QTLs in maize.

The activities of the RFLP Lab and the Probe Bank are meaningful as they contribute to the research needs of the community. The easiest avenue to request clones is through the "PROBE Requests" form in MaizeDB,, or by email to

To contribute clones for distribution or to be mapped onto the UMC Maize Genetic Map contact Theresa Musket at the email listed above and she will inform you of the information and materials needed.

These activities are supported by USDA-ARS CRIS projects "Genetic Mechanisms and Molecular Genetic Resources for Corn" and "Maize Genome Database"; and by FAO/IAEA Coordinated Research Program, "Molecular Markers for Maize, Rye and Rice".

Table 1. Clones maintained by UMC RFLP Lab and Probe Bank.

Clone Set Abbreviation Type of Clone Total Number in Set Distribution by UMC
Asgrow asg maize genomic 85 Yes
Brookhaven National Laboratories bnl maize genomic 109 Yes
Brookhaven National Laboratories bnl maize cDNA 12 Yes
California State University-Hayward csu maize cDNA 1197 Yes
Contributed Clones   mostly maize 295 90 Yes, 205 No
Cornell University bcd, cdo, rg, rz barley, oat, rice 151 No
Iowa State University isu maize cDNA 136 Yes
LIMAGRAIN lim maize genomic 113 Yes
Mycogen Plant Sciences agr maize cDNA 413 Yes
Northrup King npi maize 30 No
Pioneer Hi-Bred International php maize genomic 161 Yes
Pioneer Hi-Bred International npi maize both 236 Yes
Rice Genome Research Program rgp rice 371 No
Texas A&M University txs sorghum genomic 145 No
University of Arizona uaz 5C, 6C, 7C maize cDNA 1920 Yes
University of Hohenheim Ch6S maize genomic 339 No
University of Minnesota umn oat 29 No
University of Missouri umc maize both 249 237 Yes, 12 No
University of Missouri-Rice pOs rice genomic 18 Yes
University of Missouri-Rye ScG rye genomic 171 Yes
University of Missouri-Tripsacum tda tripsacum genomic 476 20 Yes, 456 No
  Total Number of Clones:   6694  
  Total Distributable Clones:   4906  

Theresa Musket, Mary Polacco, Mike McMullen, and Ed Coe



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