Putative allele test for a Mutator-tagged zebra stripe mutant --Heck, DA, James, MG, Chitnis, PR Photosynthetic mutants of maize provide numerous opportunities for analyzing photosynthetic pathways at the biochemical level. We have identified a recessive zebra stripe mutant, zb*97-2306, that arose while performing transposon-tagging with Robertson's Mutator. We subsequently performed several allele tests to determine whether or not zb*97-2306 was allelic to any of the known zebra stripe mutants. We crossed zb*97-2306 with the following zebra stripe mutants from the Maize Cooperation Seed Stock Center: zb1 (U340B), zb3 (519G), zb4 (105B), zb6 (408C), and zb7 (127A). (It has been previously determined that zb2 (U340C) and zb3 (504C) are allelic to zb1 (U340B) (Steve Szalma, Karen Cone, and Phil Stinard, personal communication) and we have subsequently confirmed this). Our zebra stripe mutant was allelic to zb7 but the frequency of expression was low. We are currently testing the influence of environmental factors including variances in temperature and light on the expression of the zb*97-2306 phenotype.

The authors would like to acknowledge the Chitnis group for helping with the general fieldwork related to this project.

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