Results of TB tests of unplaced mutants --Stinard, PS, and Jackson, JD The past two years, we have reported the results of TB mapping crosses made to symbolized unplaced mutants in the Coop's collection (MNL 72:79 and MNL 73:90). This year, we observed grow-outs of the TB crosses made last year to mature plant mutants. The mutants for which we obtained positive results are summarized in Table 1. Additional crosses with linkage markers will be made to confirm chromosome arm placement, and allelism tests will be conducted with mutants with similar phenotype located on the same chromosome arm.

Table 1. Results of TB tests of symbolized unplaced mutants.
Mutant Arm-locating TB Cross Number of Positive Tests/Total Number of Crosses with this TB Mutants on Same Chromosome Arm with Similar Phenotype Note
les*-3F-3330 TB-5Sc 2/2   1
les*-PI262474 TB-4Lf 2/2    
zb3 TB-1Sb 2/2 zb4  

1. A repeat and confirmation of tests reported in MNL 73.

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