Location of two EMS mutants, fl*-N1253B and sh*-N1328A --Neuffer, MG The floury, variably collapsed mutant fl*-N1253B has been located using TB-4L(4933), based on the photo at the URL:


The photo shows two selfed ears from progeny of a cross of +/fl*-N1253B x TB-4L(4933). The top ear is from a hypoploid plant and shows an excess of mutant kernels, indicating that the normal chromosome 4 carried the mutant. The lower ear is from a normal plant and shows 3:1 segregation for the mutant. These confirm that the mutant is located on chromosome 4, probably between the breakpoints of the two B-A translocations.

The opaque sh2-like mutant sh*-N1328A has been located to chromosome 5L based on the following photo:


The photo shows a double-pollinated ear crossed by selfed pollen (top half) showing segregation for sh*-N1328A kernels and by TB-5La showing shrunken mutant hypoploid endosperms, indicating location on chromosome 5L.

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