A couple of nice mutants --Neuffer, MG In the process of providing image captions, as described above, I have uncovered two mutants that would benefit from further exploration. I do not have the facilities to do so myself, but seed is (or will be) available from the Co-op.

The mutant sh*-N1544 is not allelic to sh2 or bt1. It is a shrunken (sh2-type) kernel, reduced color with ACR. See a picture of the origin ear at URL:


Note that most mutant kernels are nearly colorless. I have a small amount of this seed available to the first person who requests it, if the mutant is not yet available from the Co-op.

The mutant nec*-N200B presents an interesting physiology problem. See the photo at this URL:


This picture shows two nec*-N200B mutant seedlings with necrotic crossbands and associated rolled-leaf distortion (probably resulting from lack of turgidity in necrotic tissue).

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