Beijing, China
Institute of Genetics, Academia Sinica
A mutant for sh2 kernel type from high Space induced --Zeng, M, Yang, T In our previous paper we described a significant influence of space flight of maize seeds on progeny, including the young plant, ear and kernel (MNL.74:2-3). Five types of traits have been obtained, including a mutant for the sh2 kernel type from Yi 01­4­1 Sp3,Yiol­4­1 Sp4 and Yi141 Sp4. The frequency of mutation for the mutant was smaller, about 0.5%. The plant, ear and kernel characters of the sh2 mutant in the Sp4-Sp6 generations were measured; the results obtained are given in Table 1. The sh2-like mutant showed many favorable components: early maturity - plants should produce all ears between 51-56 days after seedling; more ears per plant - plants should bear at least three ears per plant; under conditions of high density planting, the quality, size and shape of young ears is better; fewer husks for young ears - ear husk numbers show 6-7 per ear; proper ear and plant height - plant height is 165 cm, ear height is 60 cm. It all boils down to this, the sh2-like mutant may be optimized breeding material for baby corn.

Table 1. Plant and ear traits for space flight induced maize mutant of the sh2 kernel type.
Plant height (cm) 165
Ear height (cm) 60
Length of the leaf of ear site (cm) 71.5
Width of the leaf of ear site (cm) 7.8
Ear length (cm) 16.2
Ear diameter (cm) 4.3
Tassel length (cm) 24.5
Tassel branch number 16
Leaf number 20~21
Number of kernel row 14~16
Kernel number per row 47~51
Weight of 1000 kernel (g) 153
Day from seedling to kernel maturing 114
Kernel Colour yellow
Cob Colour pale-yellow


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