Conditional expression of maize vegetative cloning gene --Ting, YC, Tran, L The effect of day length on the expression of the maize vegetative cloning gene was reported in last year's Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter. Since then, studies of this gene were carried out further. In the later part of last March, 21 kernels of a self-fertilized plant were employed for experiment. This plant had a simplex genotype of Clg clg clg clg. The kernels were sown in pots in the greenhouse. At that time, the daily illumination was a little more than 12 hours in the Boston area. The kernels germinated readily. The plants were generally healthy. Three months later, or in the middle of June, transplantation of these plants into the field plot was made. All of the plants survived well. However, in August and September, it was found that none of the plants expressed the cloning gene by regenerating plantlets on the tassels, even though three quarters of them were expected to do so. Therefore, it is postulated that in order to have the cloning gene expressed, the plants need to be grown under short day, particularly in the first three months of growth. As stated above, the seeds for this study were sown in the second half of March. Throughout their whole life period, the plants grew and developed under long day conditions. More than 12 hours of daily illumination might inhibit plantlet regeneration.
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