Small transposable elements isolated from transcripts of the intensifier alleles in and In-D --Pusch, I, Herrmann, M, Hoogvliet, O, Prause, A, Scheffler, B*, Lorbiecke, R, Wienand, U
*USDA, ARS, Natural Products Utilization Research Unit
Sequence analysis of clones of the recessive intensifier allele in and the dominant allele Intensifier-Dilute (In-D) revealed the presence of small transposable elements in the genomic and cDNAs of both alleles. In allele In-D, a 122 bp transposable element called BEB is present in exon 6 of this allele. BEB is also found in transcripts of In-D and leads to non-functional proteins. The BEB element has also been found in a seedling cDNA isolated from a W22 color converted line (Line C). The insert is absent in an EST clone isolated from a tassel cDNA library of line Oh43. A 315 bp transposable element called ROH was found in the misspliced transcripts of the recessive allele in. The ROH element is integrated at the 3´ end of the second intron of in and was also found in truncated transcripts of in. The termination of in mRNAs in the second intron might be due to a poly-adenylation site in the ROH element. So far no other sequence homologies to the ROH and BEB elements have been found in the reported maize genome.
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