Mapping the leaf burn1 mutant --Carson, CB, Robertson, J, Bennett, J, Melia-Hancock, S, Coe, EH, Jr.1
The bu1 (leaf burn1) mutant has a phenotype where leaves show burning, sometimes in horizontal bands, that is accentuated by high temperature. bu1 was first identified by Galinat et al. (Galinat, WC, Chandravadana, P Starbuck, J., MNL 52:58-59, 1978), but had not been mapped. Using an informative set of SSR markers and a bulk segregant analysis technique to examine pools of mutants compared to pools of normal sibling samples, we found that bu1 is located on chromosome 7, bin 2. Further, one marker, phi034, shows no crossovers with the bu1 locus when individual homozygous mutants are examined (see below). The phi034 SSR is found in cyp6, a cytochrome P450 gene on chromosome 7. Given the phenotype of bu1 and no crossovers, cyp6 becomes a strong candidate for the leaf burned1 gene.

F1: A619 x bu1: no crossovers detected between phi034 and bu1, in 24 F2 bu1/bu1 individuals

F1: Mo17 x bu1: no crossovers detected between phi034 and bu1, in 16 F2 bu1/bu1 individuals

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