In the fall of 2000, Ed Coe convened us to say that he would step down as Editor of the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter. This action ends a 25 year tenure for him in this position. Much has changed in the interim in the way that scientific information is handled. Most genetic organisms now have internet sites that maintain information useful to investigators. The creation of the site for maize, MaizeDB, was also initiated by Dr. Coe. It is a tribute to his intellect and energy that these tasks were maintained with such thoroughness in addition to his scholarly contributions on gene expression, plant development, genetic mapping, organelle genetics and genomics. The maize community is indebted to Dr. Coe for this selfless service and we urge you to convey your gratitude to him at your convenience.

What has not changed is the cooperation in the maize community. The extensive sharing of ideas, stocks and information has set us apart as a group of scientific investigators. Indeed, now with a fusion of genetics and genomics, cooperation is even more important to solve increasingly complex problems. We hope that the "Newsletter" will continue to foster this cooperation.

We remind the readers that contributions to the Newsletter do not constitute formal publications. Citations to them should be accompanied by permission from the authors if at all possible. Notes can be submitted at any time and are entered into MaizeDB. The deadline for the next print copy, volume 76, is January 1, 2002.

We encourage the community to carry studies of general scientific interest to the formal literature. However, there is a great need to share technical tips, protocols, mutant descriptions, map information, ideas and other isolated information useful in the lab and field.

As in the past, Shirley Kowalewski has been responsible for assembly and correcting of the copy. She has performed this task with precision and with good humor.

Mary Polacco
James A. Birchler

Please Note: Notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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