Yangzhou, China
Yangzhou University
Study on male-sterility in Zea mays. XIII. RFLP analysis of mtDNA of YII-1 type maize male-sterile cytoplasm --Qin, T, Xu, M, Dun, D, Chen, R, Bian, Y One set of male-sterile lines with the same nuclear backgrounds in maize, Cms-Tu8112, Cms-Su8112, Cms-Cu8112, Cms-YII-1 U8112, were used in our experiments. MtDNA was prepared according to Kemble, RJ. Hybridization has been described by Sambrook, J. Long-length agarose gel electrophoresis can bring out high resolution for EcoRI, HindIII, BamHI and PstI digests of mtDNA of corn T, S, C groups and new YII-1 type male-sterile cytoplasms. Hybridization of 5 mtDNA specific probes to restricted mtDNA showed that many different hybridized bands existed among T, S and C groups, The YII-1 type was different from the T and S group, but there was little difference to the C group. We would apply the technique of sequence analysis to the division of male-sterile line YII-1 type.
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