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Male-sterile mutant ms24 mapped to chromosome 10 --Fox, TW, Trimnell, MR, Albertsen, MC Male-sterile mutant ms24 was first described by DP West and MC Albertsen in MNL 59:87. Until recently, we did not have a chromosome arm map location for this male-sterile mutant. This meant that any new male-sterile mutants that were found would have to be test crossed to ms24 to verify that they were not allelic to it. For several years, we have been trying to chromosome arm map ms24, and finally we have been successful.

In the 1999 Johnston, IA, nursery, we planted an ms24 F2 segregating family to determine the chromosome arm map location of this mutant. Leaf punches were taken from 24 male-sterile plants and from 24 male-fertile plants for DNA isolation. 96 SSR markers, dispersed throughout the genome, were used to genotype these samples. Three markers on chromosome 10 showed linkage with the ms24 phenotype. Using markers bngl1655 and phi059, four recombinant alleles were found for each in 19 mutant plants (38 alleles) and 1 recombinant allele was found with marker bngl1079 in 17 mutant plants (34 alleles). This data indicates that ms24 maps to chromosome 10 near the centromere.

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