New chromosome 10 male-sterile mutant: ms47 --Trimnell, MR, Fox, TW, Albertsen, MC A new male-sterile mutant has been identified from among a collection of male-sterile mutants received from the late Dr. Earl Patterson. Earl had designated it as ms*-6039 (see MNL 69:126-128).

We planted an F2 segregating family of ms*-6039 in our 1999 Hawaii nursery to determine the chromosome arm map location of the mutant as part of our standard procedure in working with unmapped male-sterile mutants. We first determine the chromosome arm location, then we conduct the appropriate allele test-crosses. Leaf punches were taken from 24 male-sterile plants and from 24 male-fertile plants for DNA isolation. 96 SSR markers were used to genotype these samples. Shown below are four markers from chromosome 10 that showed linkage to the mutation.
Recomb. Alleles
Mutant Plants
% Recombination
(9/44) 20.5
(5/42) 11.9
(5/48) 10.4
(7/48) 14.6

The ms*-6039 mutant appears to map on the short arm of chromosome 10, near the centromere.

After receiving the mapping data, we test-crossed ms*-6039 with the recessive male-sterile mutants found on chromosome 10 (ms10, ms11, ms24, ms29), as well as with the unmapped male-sterile mutants (ms27, ms31), and those with questionable mapping data (ms35). The resultant progeny were grown in our 2001 Johnston, IA, nursery. At least 40 plants were observed for each test-cross. All test-cross progeny were found to be fertile, indicating that ms*-6039 was not allelic to any of the tested mutants. Our new designation for male-sterile mutant ms*-6039 is ms47.

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