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Oliver Evans Nelson, Jr. (August 16, 1920 - November 6, 2001) v



Ames, Iowa

Phenotypic characterization of inbred lines and their o2 conversions --Scott, MP 2 BEIJING, CHINA Common and different band for isozyme of the multiplasmic lines in maize (Zea mays L.) --Zeng, M, Yang, T 2 Belgrade-Zemun, Yugoslavia The antagonistic effect of endophytic bacteria on phytopathogenic fungi --Dondo Gosic, S, Drinic Mladenovic, S, Konstantinov, K 3 Bergamo, Italy Maize Rpd3-type histone deacetylase and retinoblastoma-related proteins cooperate in repressing gene transcription in a plant system --Rossi, V, Locatelli, S, Lanzanova, C, Motto, M 4

Genetic relatedness and variability among maize inbred lines selected in Italy --Hartings, H, Chittò, A, Bertolini, M, Verderio, A, Motto, M 5

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA Mu Killer (MuK) causes epigenetic silencing of Mutator elements --Slotkin, RK, Freeling, M, Lisch, D 6 BOLOGNA, ITALY Development and preliminary evaluation of near-isogenic maize lines differing for a QTL which affects leaf ABA concentration
--Landi, P, Salvi, S, Sanguineti, MC, Stefanelli, S, Tuberosa, R 7
Buffalo, New York and Taipei, Taiwan Bio-photonic crystal: SHG imaging --Cheng, PC, Sun, CK, Lin, BL, Chu, SW 8 CAMPINAS, BRAZIL Genetic diversity among tropical maize inbred lines as revealed by SSR markers --Laborda, PR, Oliveira, KM, Garcia, AAF, Paterniani, MEAGZ, Souza, AP 9 Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts More studies of day length effect on cloning gene in tetraploid maize --Ting, YC, Tran, L 11 Chisinau (KISHINEV), Republic of Moldova The use of haploid plants for evaluation of population genetic structure --Rotarenco, VA, Mihailov ME 11

The supposed pleiotropic effect of the p1 locus --Mihailov, ME, Chernov, AA 13

Maize embryo culture as a test for productivity --Chernov, AA, Mihailov, ME 13

New scheme of haploid recurrent selection in maize --Chalyk, ST, Rotarenco, VA, Bylich, VG 13

The influence of the temperature, sufficient humidity and illumination duration on the (Cg2/+) hybrid expression
--Rusanovskaya, EG, Krivov, NV 14

Postradiation effect of the electric field --Ikhim, YG, Bliandur, OV, Lysikov, VN 15

Effect of high and low temperature on male gametophyte viability of waxy maize --Kravchenko, OA, Kravchenko, AN 15

Production of matroclinous maize haploids following natural and artificial pollination with a haploid inducer --Rotarenco, VA 16

Study of the phenomenon of antidromy with diploid and haploid maize --Rotarenco, VA, Maslobrod, SN 16

The influence of preplant g—ray treatment of maize hybrids on bioisomery of the germs, grown from pairs of adjoining seeds. Electromagnetic mechanism --Maslobrod, SN, Ganea, AI, Corlateanu, LB, Romanova, IM, Lysikov, VN 17

COLOGNE, GERMANY Maize pollen expresses a truncated version of the transcriptional coactivator Ada2 --Riehl, M, Dresselhaus, T, McCormick, S, Thompson, RD 18 COLOGNE, Germany Dynamics of Shrunken1 (Sh1) transcriptional activity during maize embryogenesis --Bommert, P, Werr, W 19 COLUMBIA, MISSOURI The development of a Plant OntologyTM Consortium and Plant Ontologies —Vincent, PLD, Coe, EH, Polacco, M 20 DNIEPROPETROVSK, UKRAINE The role of weather conditions in donor plant cultivation in corn anther culture --Satarova, TN, Chernousova, NM 21 East Amherst, New York and Buffalo, New York and London, Ontario, Canada The vascular development in the na2/na2 mutant --Cheng, WY, Cheng, PC, Walden, DB 22

The number of vascular bundles in 18 different cultivars of inbred, hybrid or commercial sweet corn --Cheng, WY, Cheng, PC, Walden, DB 24

A visualization of airflow pattern around a maize plant --Cheng, WY, Cheng, PC, Walden, DB 26

Mechanical properties of stem vascular bundle --Cheng, WY, P C Cheng, PC, Walden, DB, Shinozaki, DM 27

Distribution of vascular bundles in Ohio43/KYS stem --Cheng, WY, Cheng, PC, Walden, DB 28

Method for visualizing the vascular bundles in stem --Cheng, WY, Cheng, PC, Walden, DB 29

Fort Collins, Colorado The relationship between synapsis, recombination nodules, and crossing over in maize --Anderson, LK, Stack, SM 30 Freising, Germany Evaluation of international resistance genes against the European corn borer under Central European conditions --Papst, C, Götze, S, Eder, J 30 IRKUTSK, RUSSIA Regulation of plant uncoupling protein CSP 310 content in maize mitochondria during cold stress --Kolesnichenko, AV, Zykova, VV, Voinikov, VK 34

Metabolism DL-C14-tryptophan in the maize root cells at low temperature --Akimova, GP, Sokolova, MG, Nechaeva, LV,
Luzova, GB 35

The effects of hydrogen peroxide on the translational activity in mitochondria -- Konstantinov, YM, Subota, IY, Arziev, AS, Katyshev, AI 36

Redox modulation of activity of DNA-binding protein factors in mitochondria -- Konstantinov, YM, Tarasenko, VI, Kobzev, VF, Subota, IY, Katyshev, AI, Kirichenko , KA 36

JOHNSTON, IOWA Male-sterile mutant ms24 mapped to chromosome 10 --Fox, TW, Trimnell, MR, Albertsen, MC 37

We made a mistake! ms35 is allelic to ms23, but what is the correct map location? --Trimnell, MR, Fox, TW, Albertsen, MC 37

New chromosome 10 male-sterile mutant: ms47 --Trimnell, MR, Fox, TW, Albertsen, MC 38

New chromosome 9L male-sterile mutant: ms48 --Trimnell, MR, Fox, TW, Albertsen, MC 38

New chromosome 10 male-sterile mutant: ms49 --Trimnell, MR, Fox, TW, Albertsen, MC 38

New chromosome 6L male-sterile mutant: ms50 --Trimnell, MR, Fox, TW, Albertsen, MC 39

New male-sterile mutant alleles of known male-steriles --Trimnell, MR, Fox, TW, Albertsen, MC 39

JOHNSTON, IOWA and RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK and PEORIA, ILLINOIS and SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA Maize pathogen defenses activated by avirulence gene avrRxv --Simmons, CR, Tossberg, JT, Sandahl, GA, Marsh, WA,
Dowd, PF, Duvick, JP, Briggs, SP 40
Juiz de Fora-MG, Brazil and Viÿosa-MG, Brazil Influence on seed size of chromosomal abnormalities in maize cells resulting from irradiated pollen --Viccini, LF, de Carvalho, CR 41 Llavallol, Argentina Meiotic analysis of the artificial hybrids between Zea luxurians and the subspecies of Zea mays --Gonzalez, G, Comas, C,
Naranjo, CA, Poggio, L 42

New maize inbreds in Argentina. I: Heat unit requirements. --Corcuera, VR, Bernatené, EA, Naranjo, CA 42

New maize inbreds in Argentina. II. Reponse to Puccinia sorghi (Schw.) --Corcuera, VR, Sandoval, MC 44

Llavallol, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires, Argentina Exposure of Zea mays, Tripsacum dactyloides and its hybrid Zea x Tripsacum to short periods of chilling (5 C) --Jatimliansky, JR, García, MD, Molina, M del C 45 Madison, Wisconsin tb1 is epistatic to ba2 --Hurkman, MM, Tracy, WF 45 MILAN, ITALY Isolation and preliminary characterization of a maize low phytic acid mutant --Pilu, R, Gavazzi, G, Nielsen, E 46

Cesium tolerance trait in maize --Magni, A, Nocito, FF, Pilu, R 46

MOSCOW, RUSSIA Agrobacterium tumefaciens —mediated genetic transformation of maize --Danilova, SA, Dolgikh, YuI, Osipova, ES, Lyapkova, NS, Kibardin, AV 47 Newark, Delaware Rapid EST mapping and SNP genotyping of individuals using pyrosequencing --Ching, A, Rafalski, A 47 New Delhi, India and Pantnagar, India Analysis of genetic relationships among Indian maize lines differing in their response to Brown Stripe Downy Mildew --Kumar, A, Gadag, RN, Saxena, SC 49 NOVOSIBIRSK, RUSSIA and ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA Cytoembryological study of maize-Tripsacum hybrids --Khatypova, IV, Naumova, TN, Kravtchenko, AY, Sokolov, VA 50 OTTAWA, CANADA Variations in levels of dehydrodimers of ferulic acid in the pericarp of maize infected by Fusarium graminearum -- Bily, AC,
Reid, LM, Regnault-Roger, C, Arnason, JT, Philogène, BJR 52
Ottawa, Ontario and Ithaca, New York A gene for resistance to northern leaf blight is inhibited by CO325 --Zhu, X, Reid, LM, Smith, M 53 Pascani, Republic of Moldova On the timing of the rbg excisions from the o2-hf allele --Koterniak, VV 54 St. Paul, Minnesota and Madison, Wisconsin Evidence for genetic variation for phenotypically invariant traits in teosinte --Lauter, N, Doebley, J 54 ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA and MADISON, WISCONSIN and WOODWARD, OKLAHOMA Do transposon sequences in genic regions efficiently participate in recombination? --Okagaki, RJ, Sullivan, TD, Kamps, TL 55 Shandong, China Identification and characterization of three mutational NILs in maize --Wang, ZL, Zhang, Y 57 SIMNIC-CRAIOVA, ROMANIA Morpho-physiological aspects of seedlings in a local maize population under abiotic stress conditions --Urechean, V 58

Interspecific crossing Zea mays L. x Mamillaria spp.--content of amino acids --Urechean, V 58

Local maize populations: sources of genetic variability for maize improvement programs --Urechean, V, Naidin, C 59

SLIPPERY ROCK, PENNSYLVANIA Maize crosses to illustrate epistatic ratios of kernel colors --Shotwell, MA 60 Taichung, Taiwan The cytological B-breakpoints of seven B-10L translocations --Cheng, Y-M, Lin, B-Y 61

Cytological 10L-breakpoints of B-10L translocations --Cheng, Y-M, Lin, B-Y 62

Tallahassee, Florida Pachytene arm ratios for maize chromosome 9 in OMAd9.2, a maize chromosome addition line of oat --Koumbaris, G, Bass, HW 62 Urbana, Illinois Three-point linkage data for du1, inr1 and g1 on 10L --Stinard, P 63

The isolation and characterization of su3 and su4 duplicate loci --Stinard, P 63

Differences in phenotypic expression between brn1-R brn2-R and brn1-Nelson brn2-Nelson mutant kernels are attributable to the brn1 locus --Stinard, P 64

Failure to replicate the "cytoplasmic glossy" effect --Stinard, P 65

Additional linkage tests of waxy1 marked reciprocal translocations at the MGCSC --Jackson, JD, Stinard, P, Zimmerman, S 65

Additional linkage tests of non-waxy (Waxy1) reciprocal translocations involving chromosome 9 at the MGCSC --Jackson, JD, Stinard, P, Zimmerman, S 67

Viçosa, Brazil Maize root tip cell cycle synchronization -- Carvalho, CR, Saraiva, LS, Otoni, WC 69 WOOSTER, OHIO Maize small heat shock protein 18-9 exhibits characteristics of a molecular chaperone in vitro. --Buss, J, Tsacoumangos, AM,
Pett, V, Bouchard, RA 69
Wuhan, China and Nanning, China Physical mapping of the 5S and 45S rDNA in teosinte --Han, YH, Li, LJ, Song, YC, Li, ZY, Xiong, ZY, Li, DY 70 Yangzhou, China Study on male-sterility in Zea mays. XIII. RFLP analysis of mtDNA of YII-1 type maize male-sterile cytoplasm --Qin, T, Xu, M,
Dun, D, Chen, R, Bian, Y 72
Zhengzhou, China Mapping the major restorer genes for C-type cytoplasmic male sterility using SSR markers --Tang, JH, Liu, ZH, Chen, WC,
Hu, YM, Ji, HQ, Ji, LY 73

Albany, California

Regulation of maize inflorescence architecture --Hake, S, Jackson, D, Kellogg, E, Martienssen, R, Rocheford, T, Schmidt, R, Walbot, V, Brendel, V 75 AMES, IOWA Nested deletions: a new tool for plant genomics --Peterson, T, Zhang, J, Lee, M, Wang, K 75

Establishment of robust maize transformation systems for the public sector --Wang, K, Frame, B, Gelvin, S, Wang, S-J,
Kaeppler, H, Akula, C, Thompson, W, Nguyen, T, Allen, G 75

Ames, Iowa and Lincoln, Nebraska High-throughput mapping and gene discovery tools for maize genomics --Wen, TJ, Qiu, F, Guo, L, Fu, Y, Liu, F, Lee, M, Russell, K, Ashlock, D, Schnable, PS 76 ATHENS, GEORGIA Comparative genomics of maize and sorghum --Paterson, AH 77 Bristol, United Kingdom A small but significant maize functional genomics facility --Edwards, D, Barker, G, Wilson, I, Grimmer, M, Edwards, KJ 77 Columbia, Missouri Functional genomics of plant polyploids --Birchler, JA 77 Columbia, Missouri and Clemson, South Carolina and Athens, Georgia The Maize Mapping Project: Comprehensive genetic, physical and database resources for maize --Coe, E, Cone, K, Davis, G, Gardiner, J, McMullen, M, Polacco, M, Sanchez-Villeda, H, Wing, R, Soderlund, C, Chen, M, Paterson, A 78 Columbia, Missouri and St. Louis, Missouri and Salt Lake City, Utah Sequence, expression and evolution of mitochondrial genomes in the genus Zea --Newton, K, Clifton, SW, Fauron, C 79 East Lansing, Michigan Functional genomics of hemicellulose biosynthesis in cereals --Hazen, SP, Scott-Craig, JS, Walton, JD 80 Eugene, Oregon NSF plant genome project: Functional genomics of chloroplast biogenesis --Barkan, A, Stern, D, Hanson, M 81 Ithaca, New York and Mystic Connecticut Regional mutagenesis utilizing Activator (Ac) in maize --Conrad, L, Hardeman, K, Lewis, P, Lebjko, S, Farmer, P, Ahern, K,
Chomet, P, Brutnell, T 81
Piscataway, New Jersey A set of transgenic maize lines for localized mutagenesis based on the Ac-Ds transposon system --Dooner, HK 83 PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY and WEST LAFAYETTE, INDIANA Collinearity of maize and sorghum at the DNA sequence level --Messing, J, Linton, E, Song, R, Lai, J, Tanyolac, B, Kulikowski, C, Muchnik, I, do Lago, AP, Fuks, G, Armhold, G, Ramakrishna, W, Ma, J, Park, Y-J, Emberton, J, SanMiguel, P, Bennetzen, J 83 RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA and MADISON, WISCONSIN and IRVINE, CALIFORNIA and ITHACA, NEW YORK Evolutionary genomics of maize --Buckler, E, Doebley, J, Gaut, B, Goodman, M, Kresovich, S, Muse, S, Weir, B 86 ST PAUL, MINNESOTA A radiation hybrid system for the genetic and physical mapping of the corn genome --Okagaki, RJ, Kynast, RG, Odland, WE,
Stec, A, Russell, CD, Zaia, HA, Rines, HW, Phillips, RL 88
Stanford, California 2001 Report from the Maize Gene Discovery Project --Walbot, V, Hake, S, Freeling, M, Schmidt, B, Smith, L, Chandler, VL, Galbraith, D, Larkins, B, Sachs, M, Brendel, V 88 Tucson, Arizona Functional Genomics of Chromatin: a progress report for maize --Plant Chromatin Consortium 91

Maize cDNA microarrays --Elumalai, R, Gchachu, M, Pierson, E, Chandler, V, Galbraith, DW 92

WEST LAFAYETTE, INDIANA Assessment of gene content, colinearity and evolution in barley, maize, rice, sorghum and wheat --Bennetzen, JL 93 IV. ADDRESS LIST 95



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