Detection liquid memory under the influence of electrical appliance fields in changing seed quality and corn sprouts --Maslobrod, SN, Raimov, GG, Caranfil, VG*
*Internatl. Ctr. Energetico-Informational Sci. "Zeia"
In the case of electrical appliances and other things of domestic and production target use we deal with the attributes of our usual environment. The influence on the human being's general state and health is studied very little

We had as a goal to study the action of certain appliances and equipment on plants, with the goal of transferring the results to human beings. It is known that the plant has a great sensitivity to the action of external factors, in some cases being more sensitive than animals (Paturi, 1974). Besides this, there is no nervous system in the plant, and this prevents the receiving of artifacts because of the auto-suggestion effect, and permits us to more objectively discover the first mechanisms of the influences of physical fields on the living system. Finally, such research shows an interest in ascertaining the ecological cleanliness of products of vegetable origin.

In this report the results are shown, not of the direct factor's action on the plant, but through a liquid environment, as a receiver of physical fields generated by appliances and equipment.

Germinating capacity Bioisomeria of L/D sprouts

Figure. The change of germinating capacity of corn seeds and bioisomeria of sprouts (L) (D), grown from these seeds, with the influence on the swelled seeds of the liquid theraphim (theraphim was created through the influence of electrical appliance fields on the cooling liquid). Water, paraffin, sugar theraphim (water, melted paraffin, strong solution of sugar). 1) control (without influence of theraphims); 2) drill with the left (L) rotation of the head; 3) drill with the right (D) rotation of the head; 4) SC; 5) LC; 6) electrical slab; 7) telephone; 8) electrical razor; 9) iron

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