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Analysis of the maize Myb gene superfamily: a progress report --Jiang, C, Peterson, T 2

Molecular analysis of the maize P1-rw allele --Zhang, F, Peterson, T 2

p1-vv85, a new maize variegated pericarp allele, contains an insertion similar to the CACTA element, Mpi1 --Wang, Y, Peterson, T 3

BEIJING, CHINA su1type mutant induced by space flight --Zeng, M, Zeng, Z, Ji, H 3 BELGRADE-ZEMUN, YUGOSLAVIA Changes in RFLP allele frequencies during recurrent selection for high oil content in maize --Lazic-Jancic, V, Ignjatovic-Micic, D, Markovic, K, Coric, T, Kovacevic, D, Saratlic, G, Quarrie, SA 4

The maize variety accession No. 366 from the Yugoslav MRI collection caries a T cytoplasmic male sterility (cmsT) --Vidakovic, M, Vidakovic, M, Vancetovic, J, Roculj, M 5

Genetic diversity among ZP maize hybrids from different selection cycles obtained by protein markers --Eric, I,
Drinic Mladenovic, S, Konstantinov, K, Stankovic, G 6

BERGAMO, ITALY Nitrogen-induced changes in the metabolism of in vitro grown developing kernels of defective endosperm maize mutant
--Balconi, C, Bosio, D, Motto, M 7

Ectopic expression of the endosperm albumin b32 in transgenic maize --Lanzanova, C, Conti, E, Baldoni, E, Allegri, L, Hartings, H, Lupotto, E 7

Improving in vitro culture and transformation conditions in Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of maize --Conti, E,
Lanzanova, C, Baldoni, E, Allegri, L, Lupotto, E 8

Molecular evolution of the regulatory locus opaque2 from Zea --Lazzaroni, N, Hartings, H 9

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA Molecular characterization of mutations resulting in a liguleless1 phenotype --Braun, DM, Freeling, M 10 BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA and GRAND FORKS, NORTH DAKOTA Novel meiotic mutants of maize identified from Mu transposon and EMS mutant screens --Golubovskaya, IN, Sheridan, WF, Harper, LC, Cande, WZ 10 CHESTNUT HILL, MASSACHUSETTS More studies on the expression of the cloning gene in tetraploid maize --Ting, YC, Tran, L 13

High frequency of parthenogenesis in a cross of tetraploid X diploid --Ting, YC, Tran, L 13

CHISINAU (KISHINEV), MOLDOVA Expression of plant height and cob weight in maize haploids --Mihailov, ME, Chernov, AA 13

Genetic, phenotypic and ecological correlations between flowering and productivity traits in maize --Chernov, AA, Mihailov, ME 14

The estimation of the mutual influence of maize seeds with different germination capacity in pure and mixed genotype groups by changing seed germination capacity during storage --Maslobrod, SN, Corlateanu, LB, Ganea, AI, Grati, MI, Savasteeva, NL 14

Detection liquid memory under the influence of electrical appliance fields in changing seed quality and corn sprouts
--Maslobrod, SN, Raimov, GG, Caranfil, VG 16

Maize and sunflower germs are the indicators of left and right torsion fields of geometrical figures --Maslobrod, SN, Caranfil, VG 17

COLUMBIA, MISSOURI Doubling and quadrupling the chromosome number in endosperm --Bauer, MJ, Birchler, JA 18

A first report of mutants mapped using SSR markers at the University of Missouri --Carson, CB, Robertson, J, Coe, EH, Jr. 19

CORVALLIS, OREGON Maize DNA preps for undergraduate students: a robust method for PCR genotyping --Vejlupkova, Z, Fowler, JE 24

A simple, high-throughput method of DNA extraction for maize using the Matrix Mill --Vejlupkova, Z, Fowler, JE 25

A gametophyte factor on chromosome 9 affects both male and female gametophytes --Fowler, JE 26

DNIEPROPETROVSK, UKRAINE Anther culture response of maize reciprocal hybrids --Satarova, TN, Chernousova NM 27 EAST AMHERST, NEW YORK and MADISON, WISCONSIN and BUFFALO, NEW YORK and LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA The study of epidermal replica by oblique illumination microscopy --Cheng, VC, Cheng, WY, Cheng, PC, Walden, DB 28 FREISING, GERMANY and CHISINAU, MOLDOVA Aneuploidy as a possible cause of haploid-induction in maize --Chalyk, S, Baumann, A, Daniel, G, Eder, J 29

Possible effects of heterofertilization on the induction of maternal haploids in maize --Rotarenco, V, Eder, J 30

FREISING, GERMANY and JOHNSTON, IOWA A 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase is involved in DIMBOA-biosynthesis --Frey, M, Huber, K, Meeley, RB, Simmons, CR, Yalpani, N, Gierl, A 30 HAMBURG, GERMANY Further analysis of the regulation of anthocyanin gene expression in maize influence of C1, R and In1 on Whp (white pollen) and C2 expression --Kirsch, J, Techen, N, Lorbiecke, R, Brettschneider, R, Scheffler, BE, Wienand, U 31

Characterization of FPF1-homologous genes in maize --Pokutta, L, Brettschneider, R, Wienand, U 32

HONOLULU, HAWAII Genetics of general resistance in tropical sweet corn to Puccinia polysora Underw. --So, YS, Ji, HC, Brewbaker, JL 32 IRKUTSK, RUSSIA Abscisic acid in maize roots at low positive temperature --Akimova, GP, Sokolova, MG, Nechayeva, LV, Luzova, GB 33

Maize seedlings accumulate smHSPs in response to water stress but not to treatment by an oxygen radical generating agent
--Korotaeva, NE, Borovskii, GB, Voinikov, VK 34

The functioning of different electron transport pathways of the respiratory chain during low-temperature stress in maize mitochondria --Grabelnych, OI, Funderat, SP, Sumina, ON, Pobezhimova, TP, Kolesnichenko, A, Voinikov, VK 36

Effects of redox conditions on DNA binding activity of mitochondrial topoisomerase I --Konstantinov, YM, Katyshev, SI, Subota, IY, Tarasenko, VI, Kobzev, VF 37

RNA editing affects the potential protein kinase phosphorylation sites in mitochondrial proteins --Konstantinov, YM, Arziev, AS 38

Some molecular characteristics of ORFs in S1, S2 and 2.3 kb linear mitochondrial plasmids in VIR42 MV hybrid --Verbitski, DS, Koulintchenko, MV, Konstantinov, YM 39

ITHACA, NEW YORK Will the real Maize Genetics Garden please stand up? --Kass, LB, Murphy, RP 41 JOHNSTON, IOWA Comparison of mRNA structure and expression between high and low GC mode maize genes --Simmons, CR, Navarro, PA, Li, AD 43 JOHNSTON, IOWA and COLUMBIA, MISSOURI The premature senescence mutant (pre1) maps to the long arm of chromosome 1 --Multani, DS, Lee, Y, Johal, G 45

bk3, a new brittle stalk mutant of maize --Multani, DS, Johal, G 45

LLAVALLOL, ARGENTINA Yield of waxy and high quality protein maize hybrids developed in Argentina --Corcuera,VR, Naranjo,CA 46

Phytosanitary behaviour of waxy and high quality protein maize hybrids developed in Argentina --Corcuera, VR, Naranjo, CA 48

GISH affinities between subspecies of Zea mays --Gonzalez, G, Confalonieri, V, Comas, C, Naranjo, CA, Poggio, L 49

LOMAS DE ZAMORA, ARGENTINA Selection of popcorn hybrids as an alternative crop in a non-traditional maize production region in Argentina --Burak, R,
Broccoli, AM 49
MADISON, WISCONSIN Identification of glucosidase-transferase enzyme in developing maize endosperms that affects starch synthesis in the glt1 mutant
--Pan, D 51

Defect of phosphofructose kinase activity in a sugary2 mutant --Pan, D 51

Which loci in kernel-spotting collection R-r:Venezuela 594 are unstable? --Kermicle, J 52

MADISON, WISCONSIN and BUFFALO, NEW YORK and LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA Wind-stress induces the initiation of crown roots --Cheng, WY, Cheng, PC, Walden, DB 52 MOSCOW, RUSSIA SCAR marker creation for maize somaclones using some specific RAPD and ISSR fragments --Osipova, ES, Trotskij, AV,
Dolgikh, YuI, Shamina, ZB, Gostimskij, SA 53
MUNCIE, INDIANA and TOLEDO, OHIO and WOODWARD, OKLAHOMA TripsacumSR5: Shatter Resistance study population --Blakey, CA, Goldman, SL, Dewald, CL, Frutiger, K 55 MUNCIE, INDIANA and TOLEDO, OHIO and WOODWARD, OKLAHOMA and NOVOSIBIRSK, RUSSIA Isolation of stage- and ploidy-specific floral RNA in Tripsacum dactyloides for cDNA library construction - a pilot study for large-scale isolations --Blakey, CA, Houghteling, B, Goldman, SL, Dewald, CL, Sokolov, VA, Hammersmith, R 56 MUNCIE, INDIANA and WOODWARD, OKLAHOMA TripsacumSR5 Genetic Map - a new generation --Blakey, CA, Dewald, CL 57 NEW DELHI, INDIA Analysis of genetic relationships in elite maize inbred lines and their relationship to heterotic grouping --Kumari, J, Gadag, RN 57 PASCANI, REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA About similarities between the Bg-rbg and some other transposable element systems of the hAT superfamily --Koterniak, VV 58 PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY Maize alpha zein genes map to seven positions in the maize genome --Song, R, Ward, K, Messing, J 59 PONTA GROSSA PR BRAZIL and PIRACICABA SP BRAZIL Paramutation in traditional varieties from Brazil --Gardingo, JR, Mondin, M 60 ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND TIGR Maize Gene Index --Lee, D, Quackenbush, J 61 SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA A novel maize ditelosome 10 addition to oat cv. Sun II for use in radiation hybrid mapping --Kynast, RG, Okagaki, RJ, Granath, SR, Rines, HW, Phillips, RL 62 SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH and ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI and COLUMBIA, MISSOURI New genetic map of Zea mays mitochondrial genome (nb) derived from sequence data --Fauron, C, Gibson, M, Clifton, S, Minx, P, Spieth, J, Newton, K, Rugen, M 63 SARATOV, RUSSIA Development of haploids on haploids of parthenogenetical maize lines in crosses n x 2n by different pollination delay terms
--Smolkina, YV, Tyrnov, VS 65

Production of unreduced apomicts by diploidization of lines predisposed to reduced parthenogenesis --Tyrnov, VS, Smolkina, YV 65

The starting mechanism for paramutation: cytoplasm as a factor --Zavalishina, AN, Tyrnov, VS 66

SIMNIC-CRAIOVA, ROMANIA Reciprocal cross effects for grain yield and content of raw protein in the maize grain --Bonea, D, Urechean, V 67

The influence of climatic conditions upon the grain yield and the content of raw protein in the maize grain --Bonea, D, Urechean, V, Naidin, C 68

The selection of maize genotypes depending on the intensity of transpiration and the capacity of foliar absorption --Urechean, V, Bonea, D 69

The relationship between the genotype, the changes of the suction force in different phases of maize development, and the production capacity --Urechean, V, Bonea, D 71

SOFIA, BULGARIA and KOSTINBROD, BULGARIA Screening of herbicide resistance in maize calli in vitro --Nedev, T, Dimitrov, B, Kruleva, M, Krapchev, B, Nencheva, D 72 TOLEDO, OHIO and MUNCIE, INDIANA and WOODWARD, OKLAHOMA and NOVOSIBIRSK, RUSSIA Tripsacumstage- and ploidy-specific floral cDNA Libraries --Goldman, SL, Blakey, CA, Frutiger, K, Dewald, CL, Sokolov, VA 72 TUEBINGEN, GERMANY ZmGrp3is exclusively expressed in epidermal cells of the root-tip and the columella --Woll, K, Hochholdinger, F 73 TURDA, ROMANIA The use of cytoplasmic male-sterility in maize seed production --Has, V, Has, I, Grecu, C 74

Heritability of some yield components and kernel quality in sweet corn --Has, V 74

Progress in development of maize inbred lines in Turda, Romania --Has, V, Cabulea, I, Has, I 76

URBANA, ILLINOIS Linkage relationships of inr2 on 9L: Three-point linkage data for sh1 wx1 inr2 and wx1 inr2 wc1 --Stinard, PS 76

A wide variety of r1 haplotypes respond to Fcu --Stinard, PS 77

Additional linkage tests of waxy1 marked reciprocal translocations at the MGCSC --Jackson, JD, Stinard, P, Zimmerman, S 79

Additional linkage tests of non-waxy (Waxy1) reciprocal translocations involving chromosome 9 at the MGCSC --Jackson, JD, Stinard, P, Zimmerman, S 80

VICOSA, BRAZIL B chromosome derivatives in maize somatic cells --Carvalho, CR, Saraiva, LS, Almeida, PM 80 WUHAN, CHINA Structure and sequence analysis of the R region in S-type CMS maize --Zhang, FD, Xiao, HL, Zheng, YL 81 ZHENGZHOU, CHINA Identification and molecular tagging of two complementary dominant resistance genes to Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus --Wu, J-Y, Ding, JQ, Du, Y-X, Chen, W-C 82 III. ADDRESS LIST 83







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