Additional linkage tests of waxy1 marked reciprocal translocations at the MGCSC

--Jackson, JD, Stinard, P, Zimmerman, S

In the collection of A-A translocation stocks maintained at MGCSC is a series of waxy1-linked translocations that are used for mapping unplaced mutants. Also, new wx1-linked translocations are being introduced into this series and are in a conversion program to convert each translocation to the inbred backgrounds M14 and W23. These inbred conversions are then crossed together to produce vigorous F1’s to fill seed requests. Over the years, pedigree and classification problems arose during the propagation of these stocks. We have been able to sort through the problem ones, and can now supply good sources proven by linkage tests to include the correct translocated chromosomes. Additional pedigree information on bad sources is available should anyone want to check on sources supplied to them previously by the Stock Center.

Previously we reported the linkage results for some of these stocks (MNL72:81–82; MNL73:88–89; MNL74:67–69; MNL75:68–71; MNL76:65–67; MNL77:79). Below is a summary of additional translocation stocks we have completed testing. Additional translocation stocks will be tested as time allows.

Table 1. wx1 T6-9(4778) (6S.80; 9L.30)

A) The F1 source showed linkage of wx1 with hcf26.

2 point linkage data for hcf26-wx1 T6-9(4778)
Testcross: [Hcf26 wx1 T6-9(4778) × hcf26 Wx1 N] × hcf26 wx1 N

source:93-458-2 × 459 ^F1

Region Phenotype No. Totals
0 hcf Wx 4342  
  + wx 3681 8023
1 + Wx 274  
  hcf wx 129 403

% recombination hcf26-wx1= 4.8 ± 0.2