Allelism testing of viviparous stocks with pink scutellum in the Maize Coop phenotype only collection

--Jackson, JD

This report summarizes allele testing of viviparous stocks characterized by phenotype only in the Maize Genetics Coop Stock Center collection. Some of these mutants have been found in other Coop stocks and some have been sent in by cooperators over the years. Crosses were made as follows: (+/ps*) × (+/ps1) or (+/ps1) × (+/ps*) and ears were scored at maturity for the pink scutellum phenotype. Proposed designations have been assigned to these new alleles and they have been placed on our stocklist. It is expected that with further sorting and allelism testing of viviparous stocks characterized by phenotype only, additional alleles of characterized mutants will be discovered and placed in the main collection.

previous designation allelism test with ps1 new designation MGCSC: stock number
pale y-vp*-84-5266-5 6 positive ps1-84-5266-5 525A
vp*-85-3011-11 4 positive ps1-85-3011-11 525B
ps*-Mu85-3061-21 6 positive ps1-Mu85-3061-21 525C
vp*-85-3135-4 7 positive ps1-85-3135-4 525D
vp*-85-3182-6 4 positive ps1-85-3182-6 525E
ps*-85-3288-28 3 positive ps1-85-3288-28 525F
vp*-85-3422-13 2 positive ps1-85-3422-13 525G
ps*-85-3492-36 3 positive ps1-85-3492-36 525H
ps-vp*-85-86-3567-1 6 positive ps1-85-86-3567-1 525I
ps*-Mu86-1105-1 3 positive ps1-Mu86-1105-1 525J
ps*-86-1105-2 6 positive ps1-86-1105-2 525K
ps*-86-1352-4 2 positive ps1-86-1352-4 525M
vp-Y*-86-1361-7 5 positive ps1-86-1361-7 525N
vp(ps)*-86-1449-3 5 positive ps1-86-1449-3 525L
ps*-86-1499-3 2 positive ps1-86-1499-3 525O
vp(ps)*-86-1565-17 4 positive ps1-86-1565-17 526A
ps*-86-87-1742-18 3 positive ps1-86-87-1742-18 526B
ps*-90-3222-27 6 positive ps1-90-3222-27 526C
ps*-90-91-8549-7 2 positive ps1-90-91-8549-7 526D
ps*-96-5032-6 2 positive ps1-96-5032-6 526E
ps*-98-5691-5 4 positive ps1-98-5691-5 526F
ps*-99-2157-1 2 positive ps1-99-2157-1 526G
ps*-MGD-A-53-17 3 positive ps1-2001-4095-1 5107 (MGD project)