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12,413 seed samples have been supplied in response to 291 requests, for 2003.  This includes one large request from a collaborator on the Maize Gene Discovery Project that totaled 6,773 packets.  A total of 83 requests were received from 21 foreign countries. Approximately 90% of our requests were received by electronic mail or through our order form on the World Wide Web.  Popular stock requests include the IBM RIL mapping populations, Hi‑II lines, ig1 lines, transposable element lines, and Maize Gene Discovery Project lines.


Approximately 10.5 acres of nursery were grown this summer at the Crop Sciences Research & Education Center located at the University of Illinois.  Dry weather in the early spring allowed the timely planting of our first nurseries, but cool weather delayed the planting of our later nurseries.  After a cool spring, growing conditions were excellent, and overall we had a good pollination season.  Additional irrigation was not necessary.


Special plantings were made of several categories of stocks:


1. In the ‘Phenotype Only’ collection is a series of stocks donated to the Stock Center by Dr. Gerry Neuffer upon his retirement.  We have made available an additional 250 stocks in this series.


2. Plantings were also made from donated stocks from the collections of Jack Beckett (B‑A translocation lines), Jim Birchler (inbred tetraploid lines), Ed Coe (ppg2, cb2, and rgh2 alleles), Hugo Dooner (bz1 alleles), Greg Doyle (inversions), Jerry Kermicle (extensive collection of Brink's R1 alleles), Bruce May and Rob Martienssen (mn* mutants from the MTM project), Scott Poethig (epc1 alleles), Margaret Smith (male sterile cytoplasm lines), Derek Styles (Ufo1 and P1 alleles), Bill Tracy (inbred conversions of su1 and sh2), and others.  New mutable r1 haplotypes were obtained from the North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station.  We expect to receive additional accessions of stocks from maize geneticists within the upcoming year.


3. We conducted allelism tests of several categories of mutants with similar phenotype or chromosome location.  We found additional alleles of pink scutellum1, yellow endosperm1, albescent1 and white luteus2. In this manner, we hope to move more stocks from our vast collection of unplaced uncharacterized mutants into the main collection.


4. We conducted linkage tests of several mutants and controlling elements using waxy1‑marked A‑A translocations.  A more precise location was determined for inhibitor of r1 aleurone color2 on the long arm of chromosome 9.


5. Two acres were devoted to the propagation of the large collection of cytological variants, including A‑A translocation stocks and inversions. In this collection is a series of waxy1‑marked translocations that are used for mapping unplaced mutants. Over the years, pedigree and classification problems arose during the propagation of these stocks. We were able to sort through the problem ones, and we can now supply good sources proven by linkage tests to include the correct translocated chromosomes. Additional translocation stocks were tested this last year.  Results of these tests will be reported in the next issue of the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter.


6. Stocks produced from the NSF project "Maize Gene Discovery, Sequencing and Phenotypic Analysis" (see: or were grown this summer. Approximately 30% of these represented plants that originally had to be outcrossed, and needed to be selfed to analyze for mutant segregation.  The remaining 70% were seed increases that were planted from those families that originally yielded poorly. These increases help to maintain adequate seed stock to fill future requests.  Additionally, we grew 3,308 families of this material to screen for new adult plant mutant traits (see below).


We received 294 IBM (B73 Mo17 intermated population) recombinant inbred lines from Mike Lee and Georgia Davis.  We received enough seeds of each line to distribute directly.  We are also filling requests directly from seeds of transposed Ac lines provided by Tom Brutnell and chromatin stocks received from Vicki Chandler.


We have received 1644 lines from the B73 and B73xMo17 EMS materials from Dr. Gerry Neuffer (Regulation of Inflorescence Architecture in Maize project).  There are sufficient seed for most of them to be distributed. We also have recently received approximately 1200 lines of A619 EMS materials from Torbert Rocheford that will be ready for distribution in the near future.


We continue to grow a winter nursery of 0.5 acres at the Illinois Crop Improvement Association’s facilities in Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico. We had an excellent winter crop last year, and all indications are that the crop will perform well this year after a rainy start. We plan to continue growing our winter nurseries at this location.


The NSF project "Maize Gene Discovery, Sequencing and Phenotypic Analysis" has, to date, generated 38,093 stocks that have been sent to the Stock Center. All of these stocks were screened for ear and kernel mutants at the Stock Center; families with ample seed supplies had two samples removed for additional trait screening. The first sample from each family was sent to UC Berkeley for seedling mutant screening. From the second sample, 3,308 families of the most genetically active grids were planted and screened (by us, other project members and colleagues in the Maize Genetics community) at the University of Illinois for adult plant mutant traits.  This was an organized mutant hunt and was very successful in the discovery of novel adult plant mutants. We plan to organize another mutant hunt next summer.  The remaining seed generated by this project was placed into cold storage to fulfill requests. Results from the mutant screenings can be found at the MaizeGDB RescueMu Phenotype Database ( Future work will involve increasing stocks as necessary to maintain seed supply for requests and continue scoring these stocks for kernel and adult plant mutant traits.


Early this year, we hired Jason Carter as a new IT Specialist.  We also purchased and deployed a state-of-the-art Apple Xserve, which now serves as a central repository for all of the Stock Center's data, providing greater flexibility and data security.  We are now actively developing a robust, relational database for our stock inventory, as well as powerful, easy-to-use tools for maintaining, using, and distributing the data it stores.  We are also cooperating with the project in Ames, IA to provide it with a direct feed of information from our database.  We have also worked with the MaizeGDB team to enhance our on-line stock listings and provide a shopping-cart style ordering system. See for stock search and browsing tools that are now provided by MaizeGDB.



Marty Sachs

Philip Stinard

Janet Day Jackson

Shane Zimmerman

Jason Carter


Changes to our Catalog of Stocks since MNL77


For a complete list of our stocks, see:



Chromosome Markers


104E ids1-rgoVI

104H ids1-Burr

106A ppg2-N7A

107C P1-rw

204E rgh2-N1013A

206F ms33-6052

206G ms33-6054

218DA Ht1-Ladyfinger

225D Tertiary trisomic 1; v4 w3; B-1Sb-2L(4464) V4 W3

225E Telo2 w3;  W3

318A ig1

328B Tertiary trisomic 3; B-3Sb Cl1; cl1

328C Tertiary trisomic 3; y10 a1; B-3Lc Y10 A1

333D sh2

407D su1

411C su1-N1161A

503G ms13-6060

503H ms5-6048

503I ms5-6061

503J ms5-6062

525A ps1-84-5266-5

525B ps1-85-3011-11

525C ps1-Mu85-3061-21

525D ps1-85-3135-4

525E ps1-85-3182-6

525F ps1-85-3288-28

525G ps1-85-3422-13

525H ps1-85-3492-36

525I ps1-85-86-3567-1

525J ps1-Mu86-1105-1

525K ps1-86-1105-2

525L ps1-86-1449-3

525M ps1-86-1352-4

525N ps1-86-1361-7

525O ps1-86-1499-3

526A ps1-86-1565-17

526B ps1-86-87-1742-18

526C ps1-90-3222-27

526D ps1-90-91-8549-7

526E ps1-96-5032-6

526F ps1-98-5691-5

526G ps1-99-2157-1

602C y1

602I y1-gbl1-N547B

604G y1 si1-at

608K ms50-6026

608L ms50-6055

610G hcf34-N1269C

614D Tertiary trisomic 6; w15 y1; B-6Ld W15 Y1

708BA bd1-2

712C ms22

713A Bn1 y1

727BB wlu2-N629A

803C gl18-5249

811A ms23-6011

811B ms23-6018

811C ms23-6027

811D ms23-6031

811E ms23-6059

811F ms23

811G d12-N203D

906I ms25-6057

906J ms25-6065

906K ms48-6049

932A Bz1-W22

932B bz1-E1

932C bz1-E2

932D bz1-E3

932E bz1-E4

932F bz1-E5

932G bz1-E6

932H bz1-E7

932I bz1-E8

932J bz1-E9

932K bz1-E10

932L bz1-m2(D3)

932M bz1-m2(D4)

932N bz1-m2(D5)

932O bz1-S2114(Ac)

932P Bz1(Dp26)

932Q bz1-m(Dp26)-m1

932R bz1-R

932S C1 sh1 bz1-R wx1

X03H ms24

X03I ms47-6039

X13H r1-g(Stadler)

X20K R1-g:1

X20L R1-g:8

X20M R1-g:8:pale

X20N R1-ch(pale):g5 wx1

X20O R1-r(Venezuela694#16037) arv-m694

X20P R1-st(Bolivia494)

X20Q R1-st(Bolivia707)

X20R R1-st(Bolivia706)

X20S R1-st(Chile370)

X20T R1-st(Argentina216/62)

X20U R1-st(Bolivia781)

X234Q R1-r(Venezuela530-PI302354)

X235B R1-r(Venezuela594-PI302363); arv-m594

X236G R1-g(New Mexico-PI218153)

X24D R1-st(Laughnan)

X24E R1-st(Peru715)

X24F R1-st(Chile369)

X24G R1-st(Bolivia1520)

X24H r1-sc:m6::Ds

X24I r1-g(Nc)3-5

X29F r1-m(Ames17331)

X29G r1-m(PI485274)

X29H r1-m(PI571748)

X29I r1-m(PI571802)

X29J r1-m(PI572146)

X29K r1-m(PI572173)



Unplaced mutant


U740J vp14-2274





T3301Q mon00004::Ac

T3301ZB mon03078::Ac

T3301ZC mon03082::Ac

T3301ZE mon00038::Ac

T3301ZF mon00060::Ac

T3301ZG mon00092::Ac

T3301ZH mon00152::Ac

T3301ZI mon00164::Ac

T3301ZJ mon00178::Ac

T3301ZK mon00186::Ac

T3301ZL mon00192::Ac

T3301ZM mon00236::Ac

T3301ZN mon00238::Ac



ChromDB Stocks


3201-01 T-MCG3348.02

3201-02 T-MCG3955.01

3201-03 T-MCG3361.01

3201-03.1 T-MCG3361.05

3201-03.2 T-MCG3361.08

3201-04 T-MCG3571.03

3201-05 T-MCG2822.01

3201-06 T-MCG3322.04

3201-07 T-MCG3480.04

3201-08 T-MCG3772.05

3201-09 T-MCG3571.11

3201-10 T-MCG3571.37

3201-11 T-MCG4268.12

3201-12 T-MCG4268.16

3201-13 T-MCG4268.23

3201-14 T-MCG3818.11

3201-15 T-MCG3818.15

3201-16 T-MCG3818.18

3201-17 T-MCG3818.19



Phenotype only


adherent leaf

3609E ad*-N503

3610I ad*-N785B


albescent seedling

3611B al*-N427B


albino seedling

3507F w*-N172

3506H w*-N32


brittle endosperm

5603A bt*-Alexander


brown kernel

3606G bnk*-N1314A


brown midrib

5803J bm*-86-87-8875-6

5803K bm*-2001PR-1


collapsed endosperm

3601O cp*-N1055B

3602E cp*-N1170A

3603L cp*-N1419

3603O cp*-N1517C

3603Q cp*-N1541

3601J cp*-N948A



3708R Cr*-N1454

3708S cr*-N2326

3708T cr*-N2329


cross banded

3708E Cb*-N1456

3708G cb*-N1517A

3708H cb*-N1519A

3708K cb*-N1959


defective crown

3605I dcr*-N1402A


defective kernel

338-40 dek*-MTM8237

338-41 dek*-MTM8333

438-07 dek*-MTM11230

3706B de*-N1194C

3701D de*-N293C

3702G de*-N878A

3703L de*-N1004A

3703M de*-N1006

3704A de*-N1014A

3704B de*-N1025A

3704D de*-N1035

3704E de*-N1051A

3704H de*-N1081

3704M de*-N1118A

3705C de*-N1139

3705D de*-N1141

3705N de*-N1181

3706D de*-N1221A

3706J de*-N1342B

3707B de*-N1367A

3707C de*-N1370

3707E de*-N1395A

3707I de*-N1408A

3707J de*-N1413

3702K de*-N921A

3703B de*-N944A

3703C de*-N947A

3703F de*-N958

5609C dek*-74-0060-4-Alex


dented kernel

3606B dnt*-N1064A


discolored kernel

3605P dsc*-N1321A

3605R dsc*-N1580A



4008B dst*-N196

4008BA dst*-N398B

4008D dst*-N676

4008E dst*-N1190B



4404H d*-N720F

4402M d*-N307C

4405A d*-N1013B

4405F d*-N1219B

4405H d*-N1296B

4405I d*-N1319C

4405J d*-N1336C

4405L D*-N1452

4405M D*-N1591

4406F d*-N2252

4406J d*-N2256

4310M ty*-N1315C



3804D et*-N1048

3802I et*-N634C

3804F et*-N1137A


flecked leaf

3411H flk*-N537B

4008NA flk*-N629E



3705A de*-N1128

3901C fl*-N904A

3901G fl*-N1225A



3807K gm*-N1488B

3807L gm*-N1532


glossy leaf

411D gl*-N1827B

512S gl*-N1843C

512Q gl*-N2476

512R gl*-N531B


green stripe

4009K gs*-N921B

4009M gs*-N1164D

4010D gs*-N2335


hairy sheath

4011E Hs*-N1539

4011F Hs*-N1610



4011M Kn*-HsuA1191



3908G les*-N2012

3908H les*-N2013

3908I les*-N2015

3908N Les*-N2320

3909H Les*-NA7145


luteus yellow seedling

3810I l*-N1206B

3810K l*-N1253C

3811C l*-N1974

3809M l*-N447A

3809O l*-N507B

3808C l*-N61B

3810G l*-N939C


many tillers

4209B tlr*-N2244


miniature kernel

3807S Mn*-N2423A

138-01 mn*-MTM181

138-02 mn*-MTM520

138-04 mn*-MTM534

138-05 mn*-MTM787

138-06 mn*-MTM791

138-07 mn*-MTM794

138-08 mn*-MTM801

138-09 mn*-MTM1232

138-10 mn*-MTM1595

138-11 mn*-MTM2009

138-12 mn*-MTM2294

138-13 mn*-MTM2306

138-14 mn*-MTM2430

138-15 mn*-MTM2486

138-16 mn*-MTM2798

138-17 mn*-MTM2803

138-18 mn*-MTM3230

138-19 mn*-MTM4286

138-20 mn*-MTM4290

138-23 mn*-MTM4517

138-29 mn*-MTM4582

138-30 mn*-MTM4583

138-33 mn*-MTM4717

138-34 mn*-MTM4745: rgh*-MTM4745

138-37 mn*-MTM4751: wrk*-MTM4751: lp*-MTM4751

138-39 mn*-MTM4755

138-40 mn*-MTM4887: lp*-4887

138-41 mn*-MTM4906

138-42 mn*-MTM4910

138-43 mn*-MTM4912

138-44 mn*-MTM4914

138-45 mn*-MTM4915

138-46 mn*-MTM4916

138-47 mn*-MTM4918

138-48 mn*-MTM4919

138-49 mn*-MTM4920

138-50 mn*-MTM4921

238-01 mn*-MTM4994

238-02 mn*-MTM4997

238-03 mn*-MTM4998

238-04 mn*-MTM5178

238-05 mn*-MTM5184

238-06 mn*-MTM5222

238-09 mn*-MTM5270

238-10 mn*-MTM5295

238-11 mn*-MTM5298

238-12 mn*-MTM5339

238-14 mn*-MTM5385

238-15 mn*-MTM5390

238-16 mn*-MTM5431

238-17 mn*-MTM5459

238-18 mn*-MTM5465

238-21 mn*-MTM5501

238-22 mn*-MTM5509

238-24 mn*-MTM5572

238-26 mn*-MTM5605

238-27 mn*-MTM5610

238-28 mn*-MTM5616

238-30 mn*-MTM5736

238-31 mn*-MTM5740

238-33 mn*-MTM5748

238-34 mn*-MTM5755

238-35 mn*-MTM5791

238-36 mn*-MTM5792

238-39 mn*-MTM5810

238-40 mn*-MTM5813

238-41 mn*-MTM5815

238-42 mn*-MTM5826

238-44 mn*-MTM5830

238-45 mn*-MTM5835

238-47 mn*-MTM5843

238-48 mn*-MTM5853

338-01 mn*-MTM5891

338-06 mn*-MTM6113

338-07 mn*-MTM6120

338-08 mn*-MTM6128

338-09 mn*-MTM6129

338-11 mn*-MTM6151

338-15 mn*-MTM6363

338-16 mn*-MTM6366

338-17 mn*-MTM6387

338-18 mn*-MTM6398

338-21 mn*-MTM6667

338-22 mn*-MTM6674

338-24 mn*-MTM6690

338-27 mn*-MTM7020

338-28 mn*-MTM7026

338-29 mn*-MTM7213

338-31 mn*-MTM7480

338-32 mn*-MTM7589

338-35 mn*-MTM7643

338-37 mn*-MTM7784

338-39 mn*-MTM7817

338-43 mn*-MTM9327

338-44 mn*-MTM9947

338-45 mn*-MTM10136

338-46 mn*-MTM10149

338-47 mn*-MTM10162

338-48 mn*-MTM10828

438-02 mn*-MTM11125

438-08 mn*-MTM11267: wrk*-MTM11267

438-09 mn*-MTM11360

438-10 mn*-MTM12053

438-11 mn*-MTM12076

438-13 mn*-MTM12179

438-15 mn*-MTM12401

438-17 mn*-MTM12473

438-18 mn*-MTM12481

438-19 mn*-MTM12702

438-22 mn*-MTM13205

438-23 mn*-MTM13868

438-24 mn*-MTM13988

438-25 mn*-MTM14085

438-26 mn*-MTM14086

438-27 mn*-MTM14211

438-28 mn*-MTM14418

438-29 mn*-MTM14616

438-30 mn*-MTM14677

438-31 mn*-MTM14762

438-33 mn*-MTM14843

438-34 mn*-MTM15114

438-35 mn*-MTM15343

438-36 mn*-MTM15429

438-38 mn*-MTM15524

438-39 mn*-MTM15647

438-40 mn*-MTM15791

438-42 mn*-MTM15916

438-43 mn*-MTM16012

438-44 mn*-MTM16037

438-46 mn*-MTM16101

438-47 mn*-MTM16125

438-48 mn*-MTM16165

438-50 mn*-MTM16311

538-01 mn*-MTM16347

538-02 mn*-MTM16373

538-03 mn*-MTM16419

538-04 mn*-MTM16562

538-05 mn*-MTM16565

538-06 mn*-MTM16566

538-08 mn*-MTM16578

538-09 mn*-MTM16581

538-10 mn*-MTM16583

538-11 mn*-MTM16584

538-12 mn*-MTM16587

538-13 mn*-MTM16591

538-14 mn*-MTM16594

538-15 mn*-MTM16619

538-17 mn*-MTM16698

538-19 mn*-MTM16715

538-20 mn*-MTM16727

538-21 mn*-MTM16747

538-23 mn*-MTM16919

538-24 mn*-MTM16954

538-25 mn*-MTM16981

538-26 mn*-MTM16996

538-27 mn*-MTM17006

538-28 mn*-MTM17019

538-29 mn*-MTM17020

538-31 mn*-MTM17093

538-32 mn*-MTM17135

538-33 mn*-MTM17170

538-34 mn*-MTM17180

538-35 mn*-MTM17183

538-36 mn*-MTM17348

538-37 mn*-MTM17351

538-38 mn*-MTM17358

538-39 mn*-MTM17359

538-40 mn*-MTM17362

538-41 mn*-MTM17364

538-42 mn*-MTM17366

538-43 mn*-MTM17370

538-44 mn*-MTM17492

538-45 mn*-MTM17494

538-46 mn*-MTM17496

538-47 mn*-MTM17506

538-48 mn*-MTM17511

538-49 mn*-MTM17512

538-50 mn*-MTM17519

638-01 mn*-MTM17520

638-02 mn*-MTM17523

638-03 mn*-MTM17527

638-04 mn*-MTM17580

638-05 mn*-MTM17582

638-06 mn*-MTM17587

638-07 mn*-MTM17590

638-08 mn*-MTM17592

638-09 mn*-MTM17595

638-10 mn*-MTM17599

638-11 mn*-MTM17610

638-12 mn*-MTM17632

638-13 mn*-MTM17730

638-14 mn*-MTM17967

638-15 mn*-MTM18063

638-16 mn*-MTM18100

638-17 mn*-MTM18143

638-19 mn*-MTM18179

638-20 mn*-MTM18720

638-22 mn*-MTM19007

638-23 mn*-MTM19011

638-24 mn*-MTM19065

638-25 mn*-MTM19190

638-26 mn*-MTM19374

638-27 mn*-MTM19758

638-28 mn*-MTM19760

638-29 mn*-MTM20315

638-30 mn*-MTM20748

638-31 mn*-MTM20789

638-32 mn*-MTM21039

638-35 mn*-MTM21188

638-36 mn*-MTM21227

638-37 mn*-MTM21234

638-38 mn*-MTM21670

638-43 mn*-MTM21782

638-44 mn*-MTM21787

638-45 mn*-MTM21788

638-48 mn*-MTM21991

638-49 mn*-MTM22116

638-50 mn*-MTM22152

638-52 mn*-MTM22320

638-53 mn*-MTM22426

638-54 mn*-MTM22433

638-55 mn*-MTM22438


narrow leaf

3910C nl*-N323A

3910N nl*-N631

3911D nl*-N685A

3911L nl*-N1965

3911N Nl*-N2422



4101N nec*-N291

4102J nec*-N473A

4104C nec*-N720C

4104O nec*-N1613

3709F stk*-N198A



3902D o*-N883A

3902M o*-N933

3903I o*-N1009

3903J o*-N1016

3903L o*-N1034

3904B o*-N1043

3904D o*-N1049

3904H o*-N1096A

3904J o*-N1103A

3904O o*-N1131A

3905B o*-N1148A

3905G o*-N1194A

3905I o*-N1205

3906A o*-N1242A

3906E o*-N1247

3907F o*-N1368

3907H o*-N1384A

3907I o*-N1388A


pale green

4203D pg*-N267

4203G pg*-N287A

4203H pg*-N293A

4203K pg*-N300

4203N pg*-N343

4204D pg*-N371A

4204O pg*-N422A

4205O pg*-N505

4207N pg*-N668

4302C pg*-N1087B

4302D pg*-N1103B

4302G pg*-N1180B

4302H pg*-N1185C

4302L pg*-N1269B

4302M pg*-N1277A

4303B pg*-N1379B

4303E pg*-N1483C

4303F pg*-N1549

4303N pg*-N1846A

4304F pg*-N2265


pale-pale green

4305K ppg*-N1082B

4305L ppg*-N1238B

4305M ppg*-N1248D


patched leaf

4105D ptc*-N522A

4105F ptc*-N724A



4408B py*-N2238



4106H rgd*-N2334



3806O rgh*-N1325

3806P rgh*-N1351


rolled leaf

3912G rld*-N956B


scarred kernel

3806S scr*-N1363A



4408H sdw*-N2299



4107A Shr*-N2477



4006J sh*-N1178A

4006O sh*-N1337

4007A sh*-N1340

4007C sh*-N1364A

4007E sh*-N1421


small kernel

3705I de*-N1153

3707F de*-N1396A

4001B smk*-N257A

4001C smk*-N283C

4001D smk*-N304B

4002A smk*-N1017A

4002E smk*-N1036

4002H smk*-N1070

4002I smk*-N1072

4002J smk*-N1079

4002K smk*-N1082A

4002M smk*-N1087A

4003B smk*-N1140

4003D smk*-N1146A

4003H smk*-N1182A

4003I smk*-N1184

4003J smk*-N1187A

4003M smk*-N1236

4004A smk*-N1372

4004C smk*-N1382

4004G smk*-N1580B


small plant

4410E smp*-N706A

4410L smp*-N1143B

4408O smp*-N114B

4402N d*-N309

4404C d*-N597A

4410I smp*-N866

4409F smp*-N216

4409G smp*-N240


small seedling

4411O sms*-N479

4412E sms*-N687B

4412F sms*-N782

4412G sms*-N815B

4412H sms*-N1051B

4412I sms*-N1055C

4412K sms*-N1146B

4412M sms*-N1244C

4412N sms*-N1396B


speckled kernel

3805L spk*-N1263B


streaked leaf

3711F stk*-N1402B


striped leaf

3709EA str*-N424B

3711G stp*-N1475


terminal ear

4012O te*-N2293



4012W ub*-N2263



4010B gs*-N2258

4305D pgv*-N51A

4501B v*-N13

4501C v*-N15A

4502O v*-N139A

4502P v*-N142 vir

4503F v*-N183A

4504A v*-N284

4504I v*-N354B

4504N v*-N391A

4506F v*-N608C

4509E v*-N1024B

4509G v*-N1064B

4509I v*-N1090B

4509J v*-N1114B

4509N v*-N1137B

4510F v*-N1316B

4510G v*-N1364B


viviparous kernel

5907G y-vp*-Alex 68-195


white luteus

3708L wl*-N1962

4112F wl*-N1118B

4112G wl*-N1123B

4112H wl*-N1138B

4112I wl*-N1148B

4112J wl*-N1170B

4112L wl*-N1261C

4208A wl*-N1373C

4208C wl*-N1393B


white stripe

4211C wst*-N1466

4211E wst*-N1472


white tipped leaf

4211N wt*-N662A


wrinkled kernel

3606R wr*-N1300A


yellow green

4307G yg*-N662B

4307L yg*-N1234E

4308A Yg*-N1582

4308B Yg*-N1584

4308H yg*-N1832

4309A yg*-N2269

4309E yg*-N2328


yellow stripe

3812L ys*-N2303