Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center

New alleles of vp10

—Stinard, PS

The Maize Genetics Stock Center maintains a large collection of mutants characterized only by their phenotype. Three yellow endosperm viviparous mutants in our collection, vp*-84-5279-29, vp*-85-3040-29, and vp*-85-3339-25, were reported to be allelic to the 10L mutant vp13 (Don McCarty, personal communication). Since there is another previously reported 10L mutant with the same phenotype, vp10 (Smith, JD et al. 1992. MNL 66:34; Stinard, P and Jackson, J. 1998. MNL 72:79), and since a direct allelism test between vp13 and vp10 has not been reported, we performed allelism tests between vp10 and these three mutants.

Plants were grown from non-viviparous kernels from ears segregating for vp10, and the resulting plants selfed and outcrossed to plants grown from outcrosses of heterozygous vp* to standard. Two-thirds of the former plants, and one-half of the latter plants, would be expected to carry their respective vp mutant. We obtained the following results: 4 of 20 crosses made between vp10 and vp*-84-5279-29 segregated for viviparous kernels, 5 out of 17 crosses between vp10 and vp*-85-3040-29 segregated for viviparous kernels, and 5 out of 23 crosses between vp10 and vp*-85-3339-25 segregated for viviparous kernels. Since these mutants map to the same chromosome, and since they fail to complement each other, it is likely that they are allelic. Since vp10 (first report Smith, JD et al. 1992. MNL 66:34) has precedence over vp13 (first report McCarty, DR. 1995. Annu Rev Plant Physiol Plant Mol Biol 46:71–93), we propose to name these mutants as alleles of vp10: vp10-84-5279-29, vp10-85-3040-29, and vp10-85-3339-25.

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