Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center

Allelism testing of spotted seedling leaf stocks in Maize COOP phenotype only collection

— Jackson, JD; Harper, C

This report summarizes allele testing of spotted seedling leaf stocks characterized by phenotype only in the Maize Genetics COOP Stock Center collection. These mutants have all been found in Neuffer EMS-treated material. Crosses were made as follows: (+/spt*) × (+/spt1) and (+/spt*) × (+/spt2) or (+/spt1) × (+/spt*) and (+/spt2) × (+/spt*). Ears were shelled and planted in sand benches to score seedlings for the appropriate phenotypes. Proposed designations have been assigned to these new alleles and they have been placed on our stocklist. It is expected that, with further allelism testing of spotted leaf stocks characterized by phenotype only, additional alleles of characterized mutants will be discovered and placed in the main collection.

previous designation allelism test with spt1 allelism test with spt2 new designation MGCSC:
stock number
spt*-N278B 9 positive   spt1-N278B 226F
spt*-N412A 2 positive   spt1-N412A 226G
spt*-N579B 6 positive   spt1-N579B 226H
spt*-N939B 3 positive   spt1-N939B 226I
spt*-N1339B   3 positive spt2-N1339B 428DA

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