This newsletter shares current research on genetics, cytogenetics, molecular biology, and genomics of maize. Information is shared by Cooperators with the understanding that it will not be used in publications without their specific consent.


Send your notes for the 2006 Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter now, anytime before January 1.  Your MNL Notes will go on the Web verbatim promptly, and will be prepared for printing in the annual issue. Be concise, not for­mal, but include specific data, tables, observations and methods.  Articles which require extensive editing will be returned.  Check MaizeGDB for the most current information on submission of notes.  Send your notes as attachments or as the text of an email addressed to (we will acknowledge receipt, and will contact you further if necessary).  If email is not feasible, please mail a double-spaced, letter-quality copy of your note, preferably with a disk containing the electronic version.  Please follow the simple style used in this issue (city /institution title /
--authors; tab paragraphs; give citations with authors' initials --e.g., Maizer, BA et al., J Hered 35:35, 1995, or supply a bibliography).  Figures, charts and tables should be compact and camera-ready, and supplied in electronic form (jpg or gif) if possible.  To separate columns in tables, please tab instead of using spaces, to ensure quality tabulations on the web.  Your MNL Notes will go on the Web verbatim promptly, and will be prepared for printing in the annual issue.  Mailing address:


Mary Schaeffer

203 Curtis Hall

University of Missouri

Columbia, MO 65211-7020



MNL 51ff. on line                                                                                                                MaizeGDB -


Author and Name Indexes (and see MaizeGDB)

Nos. 3 through 43                                                                                                    Appendix to MNL 44, 1970 (copies available)

Nos. 44 through 50                                                                                                 MNL 50:157

Nos. 51 to date                                                                                                            Annual in each issue


Symbol Indexes (and see MaizeGDB)

Nos. 12 through 35                                                                                                 Appendix to MNL 36, 1962 (copies available)

Nos. 36 through 53                                                                                                 MNL 53:153

Nos. 54 to date                                                                                                            Annual in each issue


Stock Catalogs                                                                                                                     Each issue and MaizeGDB


Rules of Nomenclature (1995)                                                                            MNL69:182 and MaizeGDB (1996 update)


Cytogenetic Working Maps                                                                                     MNL 52:129-145; 59:159; 60:149 and MaizeGDB

Gene List                                                                                                                                    MNL69:191; 70:99 and MaizeGDB

Clone List                                                                                                                                   MNL 65:106; 65:145; 69:232 and MaizeGDB

Working Linkage Maps                                                                                                MNL 69:191; 70:118; 72:118; 77:137; 78:126; 79:116 and MaizeGDB

Plastid Genetic Map                                                                                                       MNL 69:268 and MaizeGDB

Mitochondrial Genetic Maps                                                                                MNL 70:133; 78:151 and MaizeGDB


Cooperators (that means you) need the Stock Center.

The Stock Center needs Cooperators (this means you) to:


(1) Send stocks of new factors you report in this Newsletter or in publications, and stocks of new combinations, to the collection. 

(2) Inform the Stock Center on your experience with materials received from the collection.

(3) Acknowledge the source, and advice or help you received, when you publish.


MaizeGDB needs Cooperators (this means you) to:


(1) Annotate your publications and enter new genes at MaizeGDB.  Inquire about access to the community curation interface using the contact form on each page at MaizeGDB.

(2) Look up "your favorite gene or expression" in MaizeGDB and send refinements and updates to via the public annotation "button" at

(3) Compile and provide mapping data in full, including the ordered array of map scores for molecular markers or counts by phenotypic classes; recombination percentage and standard error.  Provide as a short note to the Newsletter (preferred) OR MaizeGDB directly.

(4) Provide probe or primer information per; fingerprint data and fragment sizes are significantly useful to colleagues.

(5) Provide BAC-probe relationships for BACs on public physical map (, especially if probes have been genetically mapped.


May you find a Unique corn in MM!